Real Estate News:
Retiring to New York City — and Getting a Roommate
3/30/2020 9:52 AM
A teacher from Maine decided to move to New York. Sharing an apartment was the only way to make it work...Read More
$750,000 Homes in California
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
A 1962 prefabricated beach cottage in Malibu, a Spanish-style house in Fallbrook and a cabin near Lake Tahoe...Read More
How Television and Online Personalities Work From Home
3/30/2020 5:00 AM
Why was Stephen Colbert in a bathtub? Working from home for some jobs requires extra creativity...Read More
Living Near Train Tracks
3/27/2020 4:00 AM
Thanks to new window technology, there’s no such thing as the wrong side of the tracks...Read More
A Brooklyn Dodgers Fan Who Never Gave Up on Ebbets Field
3/27/2020 12:06 PM
Pursuing his dream of rebuilding the beloved ballpark, a die-hard follower found the stadium blueprints buried in a municipal subbasement...Read More
Homes for Sale in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens
3/26/2020 8:00 AM
This week’s properties are in Clinton Hill, Turtle Bay and Jackson Heights...Read More
Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut
3/26/2020 8:00 AM
This week’s properties include a five-bedroom in Purchase, N.Y., and a two-bedroom in Darien, Conn...Read More
How to Look Your Best on a Webcam
3/25/2020 9:59 AM
Check your lighting and be deliberate about the background you’re showing the world...Read More
What if I Can"t Pay My Rent Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic?
3/25/2020 2:41 PM
With a 90-day moratorium on evictions in place, renters can rest easier. What happens after that is less clear...Read More
North Arlington, N.J.: A Quiet Suburb Close to New York City
3/25/2020 10:09 AM
Newcomers are attracted by the close-knit community and the affordable homes — never mind that the borough’s biggest landmark is a century-old cemetery...Read More

Real Estate News:
A shipping container house inspired by midcentury style
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
...Read More
How essential is construction during the coronavirus pandemic?
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
...Read More
My cohousing community helps fight coronavirus isolation
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
...Read More
In the coronavirus crisis, who gets to be outside?
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
...Read More
Modern gable house on 200 acres asks $9.7M in Vermont
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
...Read More
Coronavirus is brewing a mortgage crisis
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
...Read More
Finding comfort and entertainment at home
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
...Read More
Striking terraced house was made for family gatherings
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
...Read More
This $50 wall ladder is like having an extra closet
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
...Read More
How coronavirus is impacting the housing market
3/30/2020 3:26 PM
...Read More

Real Estate News:
Property and casualty insurance premiums waived for small businesses
3/30/2020 3:39 PM
New York ordered property and casualty insurers to waive premiums for small businesses and consumers Monday. The Department of Financial Services directed property and casualty insurers to provide a..... .. To view the full story, click the title link. Read More
Wealth tax is essential to economic recovery — be bold Albany
3/30/2020 4:19 PM
The threat of the present COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented.  It is rapidly eroding both global public health and the underpinnings of the economy. If we are to avert disaster, especially in the..... .. To view the full story, click the title link. Read More
Stocks rally with health care adding boost
3/30/2020 2:47 PM
U.S. stocks rallied as investors saw glimmers of optimism in efforts to deliver rapid testing for the new coronavirus. The dollar rose. The S&P 500 Index climbed for the fourth time in five days,..... .. To view the full story, click the title link. Read More
Trump hotel firm must defend fraud claim over Panama project
3/30/2020 12:19 PM
A former business partner of President Donald Trump’s hotel company can pursue its allegations that the firm evaded income taxes on a project in Panama and underreported employee salaries there, a..... .. To view the full story, click the title link. Read More
AmEx to freeze hiring after sending 60,000 home to work remotely
3/30/2020 12:12 PM
American Express will freeze hiring after equipping more than 60,000 employees to work from home in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The company will avoid layoffs this year, Chief Executive..... .. To view the full story, click the title link. Read More
Gasoline sales plunge by 70% amid a broad drop in energy usage
3/30/2020 1:17 PM
Never mind the last time you boarded a flight. When was the last time you filled up the tank? With gasoline sales plunging by 70% or more locally, gas-station owners are frantically trying to keep..... .. To view the full story, click the title link. Read More
Pending home sales index hit a three-year high in February
3/30/2020 11:59 AM
An index of contract signings for the purchase of previously owned U.S. homes unexpectedly increased in February to a three-year high, representing solid housing activity that’s likely to retrench..... .. To view the full story, click the title link. Read More
Morgan Stanley maps out strategies for turmoil and turnaround
3/30/2020 11:41 AM
Few Wall Street banks have the conviction to say markets are either destined for another rout or a sustained revival. Quantitative strategists at Morgan Stanley are giving clients a game plan for..... .. To view the full story, click the title link. Read More
Fed’s Bullard says U.S. can well afford trillions in relief debt
3/30/2020 11:36 AM
Adding trillions of dollars of borrowing to the U.S. national debt is necessary fiscal support because of coronavirus-related shutdowns and won’t hamper the country’s ability to grow in the future,..... .. To view the full story, click the title link. Read More
Macy’s furloughs most of its 130,000 workers
3/30/2020 11:29 AM
Macy’s, which closed all its stores March 18 in response to the coronavirus pandemic, said it would furlough the majority of its workers starting this week. The company employs about 130,000,..... .. To view the full story, click the title link. Read More

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